225 Wellesley St., Toronto, Ontario, M4X 1X8
Thursday, June 22, 2016:
Re: Real Estate Lock Boxes


Please be advised that the Board of Directors of TSCC2003 voted to that effective July 1, 2016, the only permitted area for real estate lock boxes will be with the security desk at 225 Wellesley Street East.

Each real estate agent will be responsible for their own client’s keys. A lock box will be given to the security desk and a tracking number assigned. Real estate agents only will be required to leave their business card when borrowing the lock box. The lock boxes are the sole responsibility of the real estate agent. The front desk staff will not be keeping the combinations.

Lock boxes are not permitted in the stair wells or any other location within or around the building. These locks will be removed and disposed of without notice.

Real Estate Lock Box Audit Day
The Board of Directors of TSCC2003 have voted to remove all lock boxes from the rear court yard fencing beginning at noon on this day: Thursday, June 30, 2016:

Over the next couple of weeks, Security will attempt to reach the owners of those lock boxes which are properly identified with a business card attached to the back. Those lock boxes found to be without a proper identifying real estate card or phone number to be reached, or for which real estate agent information is found to be unverifiable, will have the lock box cut and disposed of.

We believe residents will agree that having a forest of lock boxes along the fence line is unattractive and could send the wrong message about the building. We are concerned that some of the lock boxes are abandoned. .

Lock boxes are not to be used for a personal spare key storage.

Chris Carbis,
Property Manager Taft Property Management,
Agent for, Star of Downtown – TSCC2003