Both Elevators Are Now Running!


January 25, 2016

All Residents

TSCC #2003 – Star of Downtown


Dear Residents:


Re: Elevator #2 Out of Service – UPDATE


Both elevators are running!


We are pleased to say that Schindler Elevator has elevator #2 back in service, approved by the TSSA. Elevator #1 seems to be okay for the time being with an extra industrial style fan cooling the malfunctioning parts.

There will be developments in a week or two when a decision is made on how the overheating parts are to be replaced, inside #1.  Of course, we will update you as necessary.

We would like to thank all residents and their guests of The Star of Downtown for their patience and their good spirit in taking the stairs as often as possible. Everyone’s cooperation greatly contributed to elevator #1 remaining on since Saturday, late evening. Congratulations on the community spirit!

As a reminder, the guard’s phone number is 647-960-1617.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Yours truly,

Taft Management Inc.

Acting for and on behalf of TSCC #2003 – Star of Downtown


Christopher Carbis

Property Manager