Garage & Suite Door Clean Up


Attention:            All Star of Downtown Owners & Residents

Date:                  February 1, 2016

Regarding:     Garage/Suite Door Clean Up – MARCH 1, 2016


Garage, Unauthorized Items Disposal:

Since the last garage wash, we have noticed that there is a slow growth of household goods, assorted large items, sporting equipment and other items in the garage next to or adjacent to parking spaces.

Please note: only bicycles that are properly affixed to an approved bicycle stand are permitted in or adjacent to a deeded parking space.

Management and the Board of Directors have decided that we will begin an annual sweep of the garage that will include a trailer and the removal of all items that are non-approved. This includes anything not properly affixed to a bicycle rack. Attaching bicycles to a drip drum (part of the sprinkler system) is dangerous and could cause an issue with the fire sprinkler system.

Therefore, on March 1, 2016, all such items not properly affixed will be disposed of.


Suite Doors:

It has also been brought to our attention that there are various stickers, decals and other items affixed to the suite doors that are not permitted. This includes alarm notifications and ‘save my pet’ decals. With respect, the doors are ‘owned’ by the Corporation and anything that is affixed to the exterior, or may cause a deterioration of the fire rating of the door, must be approved by the Board. A list will be made on March 1 and all doors that do not meet the standard will be notified and stickers removed at the expense of the owner of the unit.

We will also be doing a sweep for unauthorized or secondary locks. Referring to the Declaration of TSSC2003:


10.1 (d)  “ The Corporation shall retain a Master key to all  locks to each unit.  No owner shall change any lock or place any additional locks on the doors to any Unit or in any Unit or to any part of the Common Elements of which such Owner has exclusive use;”

Page 21, Article 10

If you have any questions, please contact


Taft Management Inc.

Acting for and on Behalf of TSCC #2003

Chris Carbis,

Property Manager.