Beta Launch of

On the 2nd of December the Board of Directors voted unanimously to launch as the first step towards addressing some of the communication challenges raised in our recent AGM. is made of up three components:


Public pages available to everyone

Notices, events, reference material (like our Resident’s Guide) as well as general information about the building and the amazing community we live in can be accessed without creating an account.



This is where our committees can collaborate and residents can get together to discuss. You need to register before you can see or join in the conversation so be sure to create your account! Register Here


Report Issue – Coming Soon!

We are working on a system that will provide an online system to track issues both for you as a resident and for the board to monitor issues, communications, resolution times. It will provide updates as work progresses and let you know when issues are resolved :)

We have also configured the site to email you whenever it’s updated! Just enter your email address here:



Please send all feedback and comments, suggestions, accolades and words of praise to Paul:

Remember to register to get access to all the great features!

ps – this condo website has been provide for FREE! Yuppers! Zip, zero, zilch – nada! Paul is an internet guy so not a big deal for to piggy back off his systems :)